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How To Play

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2022 1:30 pm
by Chrono
1) Firstly register an account at

2) Create a Login Server Account.

3) The login server account will be your Username & Password for logging into Quillmane. For boxing characters, you will need to create multiple accounts here.

3) Obtain the EverQuest ROF2 Client. Here is an installation guide provided by
In the zip file will contain a client_download.bat. Run this as Administrator to start downloading the RoF2 client files which will go in a folder called everquest_rof2 in the same location as the .bat.

4) Change the eqhost.txt in your EQ ROF2 folder to be:

the eqhost.txt file is preconfigured for you to log into the eqemulator login server:

Code: Select all
5) You should then be able to login to Quillmane using your account details setup on step 2.